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Our Story

Tekton was created to make investing and trading accessible to everyone, from novices to advanced traders alike. Our products and services are designed to be easy, user-intuitive, and fun to use. We have developed tools that allow our members to spend as much or as little time as you like to prosper and contribute your wealth back to societal causes that matter to you.


Our name is from the Ancient Greek noun tektōn (τέκτων) and is a common term for an artisan/craftsman; in particular a carpenter, wood-worker, mason, builder or engineer.  The Tekton Algorithmic Trading tools have been crafted to think, build, test, trade and at its core to manage and minimise risk.


Tekton came about through frustrations with making silly mistakes while trading. Our founders, like many traders, learned the hard way that life as a trader is not always the glamorous, get rich quick scheme that Wall Street made out to be. After some success and a lot of failure, they found that there was a lot to learn before anyone can ‘trade well’. It took them a whole year to perfect and finetune their playbook. That playbook became the foundation of Tekton.


The mission of Tekton Algotrading is to generate value for investment beginners, experienced traders and professionals and engage with the investing and trading industry to contribute to society.


Improving the outcomes for investors, finance professionals and the investment industry.


Extend the interest and interactions with the investing and trading industry through knowledge, professional development of our members, connection and innovation. Serve everyone seeking to contribute to our social mission to give back to society.

Brand Values

Trusted. Inclusive. Innovative.


Trusted – We act with transparency and openness. Our integrity underpins all that we do.

Inclusive – We create opportunities for all, creating connections and welcome diversity.

Innovative – We empower people to create new ideas and solutions that ensure our community is ready for now and the future.


Want to partner with Tekton? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at theteam@poweredbytekton.com with how we could work together.