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What it really means to be a Day Trader

If there’s one thing that annoys us here at Tekton HQ more than anything else about this business, is the mindset that a lot of Brokers and even some Educators put out that you    "must commit yourself full time to...

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Range Trading with Pattern Indicators

Range Trading with Bollinger Bands, ADX and Pattern Indicators to help close out losses early   This one takes advantage of a sideways market and has two added candle pattern indicators to...

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algotrading simplified

Trading for Beginners

  What is Trading for Beginners? We have designed this Course for Beginners to give you a solid understanding of the Basics of Trading.  During this course, you will get to know...

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1 TO 1 Training

What is 1 TO 1 Training? Its exactly what it says - its One to One time with our Expert Algotrading and Trading team ! You set the schedule at a...

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Intro to Algotrading and Tekton

  What Is Intro to Algotrading and Tekton? We designed this Course to give you a solid understanding of Algotrading and the benefits of using it and Tekton in your trading strategy. What...

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Afraid of impulse trading? You should be

Last week we talked about how being disciplined is the only way to conquer the market. Not only does trading discipline keep you from doing stupid (i.e. greedy, angry, reckless) things,...

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