How do i build an algorithm?

we’ve designed Tekton to be as simple as possible – we use all the terms you understand so you just click the option you want and it adds it for you.

If you wanted to place a BUY if 50 EMA is crossing above a 200 EMA for example


You start by clicking the ADD ALGORITHM button

Now this is where the magic happens…

With Tekton the action (BUY/SELL/CLOSE) come at the end, so we first build the indicators.

To add an Indicator, we click this button

Then we find the Moving Average (under Trend Indicators)

Once you select this – a little option box will open up.

This lets you set SMA/EMA/WMA and the period.

Once you hit APPLY, it will look like this

now we’re looking for the ‘cross above’ part. We want to COMPARE the two EMA’s, so this is the button he hit next.

we can see all the options – but we know we want ‘Crosses Above’, so that’s what we go for. Now the algorithm is starting to take shape

Next we add the second Indicator – the 200 EMA (in the same way we added the 50 EMA)

The last step for our Algorithm is to give it an ACTION

we want it to BUY here, so that’s what we select.

That it. We have just built an algorithm.