How many trades can be open at once?

This is dependant on the number of OPEN algorithms you build and the direction of them (BUY/SELL) .


What does this mean?

To help you control the number of open trades for any strategy, we have linked the two things together (OPEN algorithm and direction).

If we look at the example below, we can see that it has 2 OPEN algorithms (1 BUY and 1 SELL) and 2 CLOSE algorithms (BUY and SELL)

so you would get 1 BUY open at a time

and 1 SELL open at a time.


Tekton will manage your trading in a predictable way to make sure you are fully in control of your trading.


We recommend following this rule if you’re just getting started, one BUY and one SELL per strategy. Of course you can have as many CLOSE algorithms as you like, but remember that it may affect your strategy making it close more often (that’s great if that is what you want to do)