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Stacking things in your favour

“There is no “Secret Formula” that will grant us 100% Win Ratio.”

But the Good News is that, depending on the type of Strategy or System you are trading, you can have a Win Ratio of 40% or less and still be profitable.Trading by plan lets you know when to get into a trade and when to get out. (It isn’t an angel’s voice whispering in your ear every time you’re about to get greedy, friends. It’s the plan.)

If you’ve got a plan, it’s easier to stay objective and avoid revenge trading if things go south, as they will from time to time. And you’ll keep your mind focused and decluttered. No emotion allowed when you’re trading, remember? (Unless you’ve just won a trade and it’s party time.)
So, discipline, good. Gut instincts, bad.
The problem is, to practice your craft, you’ve got to actually get in there and play the market. And that means exposing yourself to a whole bunch of psychological obstacles you’ll need to be able to deal with effectively—pressure, fear, anger, uncertainty, etc.—if you want to come out on top.


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