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It’s good to talk, so why not book a 15 minute call with us, It’s free…

Let’s get to know each other and see how we can help.

algotrading simplified

Algorithmic trading can be really simple if you’re just getting started.


With Tekton, you don’t need programming skills to build an algorithm, you can do it yourself in 6 simple steps. And with our helpful trainers just a click away, you’ll be up and running in minutes!  

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We want you to succeed – so we’ve put together Training for Beginners all the way up to Experts


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Once you’re Trading the Algorithmic way, you’ll never look back. Why not engage with the whole community at Tekon Network – you may pick up some more great ideas

Check out the Courses

We’ve got a great mix of FREE and paid content to help you at every stage

  • Algotrading with Tekton
    • $ FREE For Those Comfortable With Trading
      • Intro to Algotrading
      • the 4 stages of Tekton
      • How to Import and Export
      • Editing Algorithms
      • Setting Risk Management
      • How to Test strategies
      • Trading Live

    • LETS GO
  • Trading for Beginners
    • $ 129.99 plus tax
      • How to read and understand the charts
      • How to spot market changes and opportunities
      • Learn about pips, stop losses, take profit, currency pairs, commodities and how to place a trade
      • Who should you sign up with and why
      • Learn about indicators and how they work to help you spot trading opportunities
      • Why you should risk manage every trade and how much of your trading account to trade with

  • The Indicator Series
    • $ FREE Always
      • Learn how to use the most popular indicators on the charts and Tekton
      • Bollinger Bands
      • Moving Average
      • RSI & ADX
      • Stochastic
      • Awesome & Accelerator
      • and lots more

    • LETS GO

Want to experience Tekton even further and learn more? 

If you’re serious about making the most out of using Tekton Algo Trader and becoming a truly savvy trader we highly recommend a 1-2-1 session with our Head Trader & Trainer. 

 Why not join Mark for a 1-2-1 session where he’ll run through any questions you may have about trading and using Tekton and its features. 

For only $89 you’ll sit down with Mark for 1 hour and leave ready to take control of your trading journey. 

 (* $89 – 1 hour, 1-2-1 session; $149 – 2 hours, 1-2-1 session) 

GET 1 TO 1

You have more questions?


That’s ok – we thought so…

If any of these hit home, check out the helpful articles and resources

What’s the difference with gambling?

Loss: A gambler will blame the hand he/she was dealt.  In trading, we learn and move on. 

Win: A gambler will praise himself.  In trading, we learn and move on. 

What do I want from gambling – excitement and the thrill of winning.  What do I want from trading – freedom & potential 

With gambling you do not have to be passionate about it nor spend hours to learn.  Whereas in trading, time, effort, passion and patience are all required to make a successful trader.   

How do I gain confidence in trading?

Sign up for a 1-2-1 with our Head trader & trainer. 
Get a demo account and start testing and practicing.  
Apply for your live trading account with one of our partner brokers and get trading. 
Join our Trader community and start learning how to trade using Tekton. 

Attend our live webinars and / or our workshops 

Watch our You Tube videos to find strategies and then test them on your demo account. 

Keep asking us for support.  We are here to help you enjoy & grow your trading experience. 

How can I reduce risks?

Always but always risk manage your trades.  Simply do not trade without a stop loss and take profit in place 

Seek trading opportunities that will give you a better / higher reward to risk ratio 

Learn to get into the markets at the right time and if the time has passed, then learn to sit on your hands. 

Do not revenge trade just because you lost out before so trying to play catch up 

Use a reliable Algo trading software such as Tekton. 

How do I remove the fear of trading?

Get a demo account and start practicing. 

Ensure you open and fund a live account ASAP so as to not get too used to your demo account. 

Use Tekton.  You create your strategy and set it up.  The rest is taken care of. 

Understand that losses are a part of trading and do not feel defeated after a loss. 

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