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Benefits to Brokers

What if you had the power and brains of a custom algo trading solution right out of the box?

Welcome to Tekton.

Learn Algotrading practices

Demonstration of the product and its features and benefits to your clients with learning resources to support their trading plan.

Integrate seamlessly

Our dedicated team are here to support the integration of technology with your brokerage platform with superfast speed and as little disruption possible.

Trusted client services

Access to transactions, sign agreements, view revenue models, communications from us on latest information, chat bot customer service, FAQs and anything else you may need for a seamless partnership with us.

Brand building

Support to deliver Tekton products to your clients including, access to logos, content, messaging and communication.

License Tekton today

Already using XOH Trader or cTrader?


If you’re a broker or retail trader already using the XOH Trader or Spotware cTrader platform, you can start offering Tekton to your clients in a matter of days.

Just contact us and we’ll set you up with a white label version of Tekton that’s ready to go.

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Looking for a new platform?

Take the market by storm with two award-winning trading platforms and a game-changing algo trading solution.


XOH Trader is one of the most powerful trading platforms on the market with free market commentary, an advanced trading calculator, performance stats and much more. Now your clients can unlock XOH Trader’s full potential with Tekton, an algotrading solution that lets everyone make better, smarter, easier online trades for free, with no coding skills required.

If you’d like to get started with XOH Trader, we’ll put you in touch with our tech partners and they’ll hook you up on preferential terms along with any other services you want (Top Liquidity, CRM, etc.)

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Succeed in today’s market with an award-winning trading platform solution powered by Spotware. cTrader Suite is a complete technology solution for existing and startup brokers. It covers the entire business cycle, providing brokers with powerful management tools and advanced technology to support their operations, as well as a full set of features needed for immersive trading experience.

If you’d like to get started with cTrader, we’ll put you in touch with our tech partners and they’ll hook you up on preferential terms along with any other services you want (Top Liquidity, CRM, etc.)

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Introducing Partner

We know just how important productivity is for everyone. That’s why we’re launching Introducing Partner, a program that lets you earn money just by sharing us with the world.

Introducing Partner is simple. Whenever you refer clients and sub-affiliates to us and they make a trade with Tekton via our associate brokers, you get rewarded.

But that’s not all. When you work with Tekton, you also become a part of our team. That means you get:

  • an IP-friendly commission structure with no restrictions on withdrawals
  • professional promotional tools for marketing and attracting even more clients
  • a great support network for you and your clients
  • an incredibly user-friendly client portal that’s easy to navigate and use

Sound good?

Just follow these instructions:

  1. Give us a shout at and we’ll set you up with our associate broker.
  2. Start earning rewards by spreading the word about Tekton.

Become a tech partner

Are you a platform provider with an open API? Integrating Tekton algotrading software with your current platform can seriously boost your user productivity and there’s practically zero learning curve and absolutely zero user fees.

Get in touch today to get started.

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