Partners Our aim is to build integrity through a network of companies that support traders at all levels. We work with brokerages, platform providers, companies and brands globally that share our passion to develop access to algo trading through financial literacy. Our aim is to build integrity through a network of companies that support traders at all levels.

Benefits of partnering with

Tekton Algo Trading

Delivering value

Retain customers and increase your revenue by providing Tools and Training from that they need to succeed with trading.
Build your traders' skills and confidence to retain as customers so that they stay with you for a long time increasing your customer lifetime value (CLV).
Increase activity by your clients through the repetitive use of Tekton Algo Trading products which leads to them trading for longer with you.
80+ instruments available – matches up with the majority of brokerage offerings so that your traders can trade what is being offered by their brokerage.
Multi language support with additional languages being added over time to ensure your clients are being serviced.

Achieve your goals

Increase revenue – as confidence of your traders improves through the use of Tekton Algotrading tools, so will their comfort to make bigger and more trades resulting in boosts to your trading volume.
Personalised integration process – already integrated with XOpenHub and cTrader trading infrastructure, we are positioned to have our products and services running in a cost and time efficient way.
Lower acquisition costs – As retail traders move towards the increasing trend of algorithmic trading it results in a shorter sales cycle for the brokerage and therefore lowering their acquisition costs.

Build brand

blue label solution for our partners and brokerages to promote to your clients – Powered by Tekton Algo Trading.
Improve client generation by providing brokerages' additional services for your new and existing clients.
Competitive advantage of being innovative and forward-thinking by bringing algo trading to your clients first.
Promotional support to engage and prompt action by your clients.

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Demonstration of the product and its features and benefits to your clients with learning resources to support their trading plan. With over 10+ years of international Training experience, use our Trainers to help your clients.

Our dedicated team is here to support the integration of technology with your brokerage platform with superfast speed and as little disruption possible.

Access to transactions, sign agreements, view revenue models, communications from us on latest information, chat bot customer service, FAQs and anything else you may need for a seamless partnership with us.

Support to deliver Tekton products to your clients including, access to logos, content, messaging and communication.

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