We get it…You enjoy taking risks. But please don‘t take silly risks when you trade! Tekton is so simple, it gives you the time and peace-of-mind to go out and get your thrills in other ways. – Tekton
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Tekton is so simple, it gives you the control over your own trading giving you peace-of-mind to go spend your free time in other ways.

Work Smart

You work hard for your money but does your money work hard for you?

Take Control

Do you want to learn about a different way to invest your money and let it grow?


Most successful people have at least 3-5 sources of income, how many do you have?

If you’ve got a day job, you don’t want to be stuck in front of your screen for the whole evening but if you’ve got some time on your hands and are interested in creating a viable and lucrative return on investment, then you should consider trading.   

Tekton Algotrading is a new way to trade the markets. 

Learn a new skill and put it to excellent use by creating and testing strategies before placing them in the markets via Tekton. 

Tekton is perfect for investment clubs and groups too – we’ve got great features for sharing strategies 

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Once you’re Trading the Algorithmic way, you’ll never look back. Why not engage with the whole community at Tekon Network – you may pick up some more great ideas

Want to experience Tekton even further and learn more? 

If you’re serious about making the most out of using Tekton Algo Trader and becoming a truly savvy trader we highly recommend a 1-2-1 session with our Head Trader & Trainer. 

 Why not join Mark for a 1-2-1 session where he’ll run through any questions you may have about trading and using Tekton and its features. 

For only £89.99 you’ll sit down with Mark for 1 hour and leave ready to take control of your trading journey. 

 (* £89.99 – 1 hour, 1-2-1 session; £149.99 – 2 hours, 1-2-1 session) 

GET 1 TO 1
  • Algotrading with Tekton
    • $ FREE for those comfortable with Trading
      • Intro to Algotrading
      • the 4 stages of Tekton
      • How to Import and Export
      • Editing Algorithms
      • Setting Risk Management
      • How to Test strategies
      • Trading Live

    • LETS GO
  • Trading for Beginners
    • $ 37.99 plus tax
      • How to read and understand the charts
      • How to spot market changes and opportunities
      • Learn about pips, stop losses, take profit, currency pairs, commodities and how to place a trade
      • Who should you sign up with and why
      • Learn about indicators and how they work to help you spot trading opportunities
      • Why you should risk manage every trade and how much of your trading account to trade with

  • The Indicator Series
    • $ FREE Always
      • Learn how to use the most popular indicators on the charts and Tekton
      • Bollinger Bands
      • Moving Average
      • RSI & ADX
      • Stochastic
      • Awesome & Accelerator
      • and lots more

    • LETS GO

Some common Questions

So how long do you have to spend in front of that trading screen per day?

If you wanted to catch EVERY opportunity, you would have to be watching all the time! But really, who wants to do that!

What if you could step away from your screen safe in the knowledge that your trades will be placed and closed automatically based on whether it met your trading conditions? 

Tekton helps you avoid missed trades/opportunities? Want to know more – check out this great article 

Are you stressed out about the thought of having to watch charts all day ?

Here’s the beauty of Tekton – you don’t have to! Once you’ve setup your strategies in Tekton, it does exactly what you ask… reducing trading errors caused by the human factor. Check out this great article on the topic

Have time but don't want another full time job?

Use Tekton – Once you’ve setup your strategies, Tekton will place your trades for you ! Free up your time to do other more important things rather than staring at trading charts all day. 

Why not just buy a robot or copy trade?

Well of course you could… but do you like the idea of not knowing how its setup or why it works or if it will continue to work?

Well neither do we, that’s why we’ve created Tekton.

Its code free algotrading – you use simple words to create your algorithms, test them, them set them running all from one simple window.

Its exactly what the tag line says – algotrading simplified 

How do I get into Algotrading?

Join the Tekton Trader community and see how you can use a free but powerful algo trading software to enhance your trading. 

Attend our free online workshops / webinars and forthcoming face to face workshops. 

Sign up a demo Tekton account and see for yourself how easy it is to enhance your trading experience using Tekton…for free.   

What do I need to know about Algotrading?

As a trader who is familiar with the terminology and strategies, it is simple to get into algo trading 

Here at Tekton, we offer full education and support for traders to start using Tekton following a live workshop or an online introduction. 

Tekton will eliminate all the fears, negative issues & stresses that go with trading the Worlds financial markets.   

Tekton puts the power back in your hands by letting YOU, the trader create your own strategy or strategies, then use our test button to see its historical results against multiple instruments before letting Tekton run it live for you. 

Trade better, live better. 

What options are there for Algotrading?

Hire a coder to code your strategy for you – Costly! 

Buy signals / alerts from other traders and online trading companies – Costly! 

Learn to use Tekton – a code-free, no EA needed algo trading software – FREE TO USE! 

Think it.

Have a hunch about a killer trade you’re not 100% sure about? Log in to Tekton and turn it into a killer algo you can’t wait to tell your friends about.

Build it.

Choose your instrument and candle period. Set how you want your algo to behave and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Test it.

Backtest your algorithm under actual historical conditions before you launch. Not happy with what you see? Tweak until you get it right.

Trade it.

Press trade and get back to your life. Tekton will be running in the background around the clock. Peak under the hood whenever you want and wherever you are to monitor progress.

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