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Trading for Beginners

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Trading for Beginners


What is Trading for Beginners?

We have designed this Course for Beginners to give you a solid understanding of the Basics of Trading.  During this course, you will get to know how trading works, trading terminology, trading psychology and why it is so important that you have the right mindset to trade.  As the course progresses we introduce you to Tekton Algo Trader.

By the time you’ve finished these courses, you will be able to use Tekton fully and understand how you can think out a strategy; build it & test it in Tekton Algo Trader and then hit that trade button to let Tekton Algo Trader trade for you.

What you’ll get from this course

As a Student of Trading for Beginners, you can expect to take away lots of new knowledge. You can also expect to…

  • How to read and understand the charts
  • How to spot market changes and opportunities
  • Learn about pips, stop losses, take profit, currency pairs, commodities and how to place a trade
  • Who should you sign up with and why
  • Learn about indicators and how they work to help you spot trading opportunities
  • Why you should risk manage every trade and how much of your trading account to trade with