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Trading is a Journal

Trading is a Journal

You may have heard the saying:

Trading is a Journey and not a Destination 


We at Tekton couldn’t agree more with this statement, trading is truly an ongoing journey to learn about what works and what doesn’t in the Markets and in the process you will learn a heck of a lot about yourself as well. 

Obviously, the END GOAL is to Make Money and to be truly independent.
This doesn’t happen overnight; it does take time but at Tekton we are trying to make it easier  

It’s often said that one of the most important things that you can do to improve your trading is to BUILD a ROUTINE and part of that routine is to keep a TRADING JOURNAL of why you entered or exited trades.   

You may have heard us talking about decision making processes in the past or using the term trading logic, that’s because we all have our own process, but many times are not truly aware of it. The simplest way to start doing this is with a Trading Journal… 

The main aspects of a trading journal are as follows; 

  • Date of Entry / Exit 
  • Trade Stop / Target 
  • Risk Per Trade 
  • Trade Size 
  • Trade Result 
  • Screenshots of Equity Charts after testing your trades and dare we say it maybe even a description of the DECISION MAKING PROCESS (Your Trading Logic) 


I know what you’re thinking…..I have heard it all before. 

So we decided early on when developing Tekton to do what we preach and have built this capability into Tekton so you are able to document your decision making process and all aspects of the list above. 

We’ve taking the boring aspect of keeping your own journal and built it in to Tekton so you can reference it whenever you want and it automatically keeps a track of all the trades as they happen. 

At the end of the say, you shouldn’t be trading for excitement, you need to be trading to MAKE MONEY. 

And if you want to MAKE MONEY trading the markets, then you REALLY do need to consider having access to  a trading journal, it will help you to keep tabs on your thought process before, during and after each trade in Demo or Live. 


This is about improving your trades through Algorithmic trading using Tekton. 

It will help you to IMPROVE your BOTTOM LINENO DOUBT about it. 


You should start using Tekton to maintain  your Trading Journal, starting Yesterday. 

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Why not even share your decision making process within the Tekton network and learn from others who are already there to support you on your Algotrading journey